What is Proofreading?

Before we learn to proofread an essay we need to know what proofreading is. Proofreading refers to reading the text of an essay, term paper, research paper or book report to detect errors that you may have made while writing. Proofreading is essential after writing an essay to make sure that your essay is written adhering to the basic principles of essay writing. Proofreading should not be overlooked as it can help you improve your grade and make your essay writing assignment look more professional and presentable. This article will provide you some useful guidelines to proofread an essay and have more confidence in your writing ability. Keep reading the article to learn to proofread an essay.

Use an Index Card

Use an index card to cover the entire page except for the first line of the first page. You can also use blank paper to do this if index card is not available. Index cards or blank pages help cover the entire page to make proofreading more effective and avoid any element of confusion.

Read the First Line

Use your index finger and place it on the first line and read slowly. With the entire page covered with an index card, this shall make it simple and easier. You can magnify each word in the line with the help of your index finger. Check each word for any spelling and grammar errors.

Follow Similar Pattern

Move the index card or blank sheet of paper to the next line and repeat what you did in the first line. Closely look for any repetitions, grammar and spelling errors. Make sure your essay makes sense to the readers and provides necessary arguments and evidence.

Read Aloud

Read your essay aloud while proofreading. Reading aloud helps find repetitive sentences and clarity in writing. Have someone else read your essay as it can help you find out whether your essay has the logical flow and pattern for other readers.

Proofreading is important as it makes you more confident about the quality of your work in terms of spelling, grammar, and repetitive errors. While proofreading you can also add new details in your essay to make it more informative and argumentative. You should do your best when writing essays utilizing all the necessary tools and leave the results on your professors.

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