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These days plagiarism has become a nuisance when it comes to writing academic papers. At times students work extremely hard to write their dissertations but at the end they blamed for plagiarizing when they have not. Sometimes students indulge in deliberate plagiarism and pay a heavy price in terms of expulsion from the university or college. These are intentional and unintentional types of plagiarism and both can result in bad consequences since the professor only knows that the document he has received is not original. There has to be certain rules and ways to avoid plagiarism and that is what we will discuss briefly in this article. The purpose of this article is to ensure that students become aware of this nuisance called plagiarism and avoid it completely in order to secure best grades and avoid embarrassment in terms of expulsion from the college. Below are some useful points discussed for your convenience.

Use Citations

One of the best ways to avoid plagiarism is by giving credit to original authors where necessary. For instance, you intend to use someone else’s words or ideas from a particular article or journal try to give credit to that author by providing citations accordingly to avoid plagiarism problems. Your intention may not be to copy the ideas of the original author but your professor does not know it that is why using citations in between the text is extremely important.

Use Plagiarism Checker

Another important way to avoid plagiarism is to use a plagiarism checker where you can check your written dissertation for unintentional plagiarism. In this era of booming technology using plagiarism detection software is not a big problem. Popular websites such as is one of the most used plagiarism detection websites by professors and students.

Avoiding plagiarism should be your topmost priority when writing a dissertation. Since dissertation writing is something that is extremely complicated as you go through so much hard work it has to be spot on. Just one single mistake can cause havoc in your academic career and you certainly do not want something like that to happen considering the amount of time and effort you have put in to become successful.

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