We are living in a world in which technology is quite dominating. It has been due to technology that most of the world has started to cooperate. Technology is the key through which people of different cultures have started to work together and communicate at a more peaceful level.

One aspect of cultural diversity is when people from around the world of various cultures start working together. However when people start working together, issues such as motivation, strategy development, and project structuring cause problems.

If something works in a certain business/place, it is not necessary that it would work in another place as well. This is because people come from a variety of cultures and cultural differences have an impact on the way a business is run. But when there are cultural differences, how is a person supposed to understand them?

Hofstede created his model of cultural differences in which he aimed to talk about the cultural differences among workers. He had access to people who worked for an organization in 40 countries of the world. He was able to collect various cultural data from which he was able to develop a model. This model stated how one culture was different from the others. The model consisted of 5 of the following aspects:

–          distance/power

–          individuality

–          masculinity

–          avoidance/uncertainty index

–          long-term orientation

Even though Hofstede’s cultural dimension model is helpful in analyzing the culture of countries, it does have certain disadvantages.

  1. There are people of various cultures residing in different countries. The average of a certain country does not make up the individuals of that particular country. This model of cultural dimensions is correct when applied to the population as a whole but there are individuals who do not fit into the general population. This is when this model cannot be used.
  2. How can one be sure that the data collected from this model is accurate? The data which this model makes use of is collected using questionnaires. Questionnaires have their own limitations and hence the data cannot be considered accurate.
  3. The last disadvantage is that how can one be sure that the data being used is up to date with the culture of a country. Cultures sometimes do change due to certain influences. Due to this, it cannot be certain that the data is up to date or not.

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