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The two most common diseases of today are HIV and AIDS. Many people, however, tend to get confused between the two and mistake one to be the same as the other. This, however, isn’t true. HIV and AIDS aren’t the same things and people should be aware of this fact. Distinguishing between this two diseases is extremely important.

AIDS- Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is a disease which is caused due to HIV- human immunodeficiency virus. If a person is diagnosed with HIV does not necessarily mean that he/she may have AIDS at that time as well. However, the likelihood of a person having HIV to develop AIDS after a few months or years is quite common. Both these problems are not the same yet somehow they are considered similar.

In order to know what the similarity between these two are, you need to be aware of how the infections and virus-HIV begins. As we all are aware, the human body’s immune system is responsible for fighting against germs and all sorts of diseases. HIV, however, is a virus which enters the body through the various fluids present. It then damages the cells found in the body and hence damages the strength of the immune system. People who already have a strong immune system may be able to fight against the virus, however, most people are not able to. Once the cells start becoming damaged due to the HIV virus, the immune system loses its strength and power to fight off infections and diseases.

The HIV virus is a virus which destroys the cells in the body and of the immune system quite slowly. This is generally the basis on which the distinction between HIV and AIDS is made. A person having HIV might feel totally normal and may not even be aware of the fact that he/she has this particular virus. To other people too he may seem normal and perfectly healthy. This is because of the symptoms of the HIV virus to come up can take many years. This is why health care professionals urge people to get them tested for HIV in order to catch the problem before it gets worse.

The final stage of HIV is considered to be AIDS. HIV causes a person’s immune system to get so weak that he/she cannot…

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