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Hitler is one of the most gifted and fascinating geniuses of our time.  However, his complete madness eclipses this completely. The article is taken from his autobiography and is a discussion of his theory on race. This article is filled with statements that are either fallacious or hasty generalizations, formed to prove his point.  He uses emotional arguments and even faulty use of authority to present his idea of race.  He appeals to racism, which by its very nature impedes the formulation of a logical argument.

From the very beginning, he appeals to the intelligence of the reader.  He is of the view that there are some truths that remain so obvious that, “they are not seen or at least not recognized by ordinary people”.  Here he is begging a question, to him, it is a thing already proved. From the start is the beginning of a fallacious argument.  He is attempting to say that “only stupid people would disagree with what I am about to say”, in so many words.  By this, he is also creating an ethos that projects an elevated, snobby image into the reader’s mind.

Hitler constructs an argument that appears to follow the set of laws of logic but, in fact, does not come close.  He goes into meaningless details in the beginning of the article to explain the relevance of mating in animals.  Hitler starts off by further deducing that,

“Any crossing of two beings not at exactly the same level produces a medium between the level of the two parents”. (302)

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