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Heart rate is a measurement of how fast your heart beats. Heart rate is usually written and expressed in the format of how many times a person’s heart beats in a minute or during a given period of time. One minute is, however, the general time limits within which the heart rate is calculated. The beats which take place within a minute are usually known as BPM.

Most people are not concerned with the rate at which their heartbeats. Heart rate is, however, a very important aspect and one which should certainly be kept under consideration when carrying out a physical fitness test. Heart rate is particularly important for athletes as their beat per minute is an indicator of whether or not they are exerting themselves to a great extent. The heart rate of a patient also helps a doctor know how physically well and healthy that particular individual is.

There is a medical explanation for the heart rate and what its significance is. One thing which we all must be aware of is that the heart beats faster particularly when it requires oxygen. A person may require oxygen for a number of things; while exercising more oxygen is required which leads to a fast heartbeat and it also may be due to a physical health condition which might lead to an increase or decrease in the heart rate of a person. Knowing the heart rate is very important as it could then let a person know whether or not he/she lacks the amount of oxygen in the body.

The heart rate can be measured using a variety of instruments and measurement methods. The basic measurement of the heart rate will only give a basic reading and will not let the patient know any complex details. The simplest way…

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