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Healthcare administration is a significant branch of the prison management. As the Prisoners have unalienable rights bestowed upon them by international treaties and covenants, they have a right to health care, and most indeed have a right not to contract diseases in prison. Prison jurisprudence recognizes that prisoners should not lose all their rights because of imprisonment. However, there is a loss of rights within custodial institutions, which continue to happen.

Public health policies are intended to ensure the best possible living conditions for all members of society so that everybody can be healthy. Prisoners are repeatedly forgotten in this equation. They are in steady contact with all kinds of people who come in and out of prison every day. This constant movement in and out of prison makes it all the more vital to control any contagious disease within the prison so that it does not multiply into the outside community.

Under the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution, it has been resolute that prisoners (or inmates) have a constitutional right to passable health care. The government has codified society’s requirement to give care to its incarcerated persons and requires state prisons to provide health care.

An “inmate” is defined as a “person incarcerated in or otherwise confined to a correctional institution.”Correctional Institution” is defined as “ any penal or correctional facility, jail, reformatory, detention center, work farm, halfway house, or residential community program operated by, or under contract to, the United States, a state, a territory, a political subdivision, of a state or territory, or an Indian tribe, for the confinement or rehabilitation of persons charged with or convicted of a criminal offense or other persons held in lawful custody.”

Central guidance state that health care in prisons should promote the health of prisoners; identify prisoners with health problems; review their needs and deliver treatment or refer to other specialist services as suitable. It should also continue any care started in the community, contributing to a seamless service and ease through care on discharge. The majority of health care in prisons is of a primary care nature, with higher occurrence in the spectrum of mental health problems, substance abuse, and related communicable disease problems such as Hepatitis B and HIV. The healthcare service has made noteworthy improvements in recent years but has a challenging work program ahead to ensure broad similarity with wider health care services. In particular, there are problems with:

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