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The art of ancient Greece has exercised a vast influence on the culture of countless countries from ancient times until the present, mainly in the areas of sculpture and architecture. In the West, the art of the Roman Empire was basically derived from Greek models. The visit to the met was thought-provoking and enlightening.

Many sculptures and another Grecian artistic object which is on the view they have been set in the vaulted hall and the six chambers on either side in a new and instructively chronological fashion. One chamber has been set aside for Archaic Greek Art: stone, ceramic, and bronze figures, vases, and reliefs. There are fine illustrations of primitive Cycladic sculptures. Minoan artworks from Cretan Knossos and Mycenaean vases and carvings from the Peloponnesus are also on exhibit. Some wonderful examples of the Geometric period, when the great cities and event of Classical Greece were being established are also there to be seen. Other chambers are filled with major sculptures and artifacts from the Sixth, Fifth, and Fourth Centuries BC.

Some of the major pieces will remind visitors that they have seen them often before.  But the importance is such that they could barely be ignored or retired to storage, so essential are they as works of art and links in the development of classical sculpture and decoration.

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