Human beings are still in a haze as what will really happen in the year 2012. There have been numerous speculations going around about the “might be a mysterious year” that is 2012. There are a number of theories such as the geomagnetic reversal, collision with an asteroid, supernova or a nuclear war (Survive 2012). Apart from these theories, the issue of global warming is something that must not be neglected that can cause havoc if taken for granted in a couple of years time. We have already witnessed massive climatic changes in the past decade. Never before had humans faced such tragic catastrophic events one after the other in just a single decade? If we examine the whole decade we have a number of natural calamities striking with increased frequency. To start we have the massive earthquake that rattled Banda Aceh province of Indonesia in 2004 causing massive tsunamis that caused havoc even thousands of miles away. Countries such as India, Maldives, Srilanka, Thailand, Burma and even some of the African nations on the coast of the Indian  Ocean were badly affected causing millions of deaths. Then we have one of the devastating hurricanes in the history of the United States named Katrina hitting New Orleans in 2005 that caused mass deaths and inundation of nearly whole area of New Orleans.

The calamities do not stop here as a massive earthquake struck Pakistan in South Asia causing massive destruction. Some other natural disasters struck here and there during the decade. But 2010 will be remembered as one of the years when huge climatic changes occurred due to the effects of global warming. The recent heat wave in Russia and the United States when the temperatures hit over high 30 degrees centigrade in some places causing deaths all around. The earthquake that rattled Haiti and Chile in the beginning of 2010 causing mass deaths and devastation of the infrastructure. The recent flooding in Pakistan displacing millions of people and causing waterborne diseases is another instance of how fast the climatic conditions are changing.

Consequently, if immediate action is not taken to control the already dire situation and if the temperatures increase a couple of degrees more than it would not be wrong to conclude that 2012 can be the last year of human beings on Earth as we have not yet evolved to a point where we can resist these changes that are only likely to get worse considering the present scenario.

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