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Like the proverbial glass ceiling, the proverbial “good ol’ boy” network is alive and well. According to an executive recruiter citied on the website, this good ol’ boy network is the largest obstacle a woman faces as she climbs the corporate ladder. The camaraderie of the men living it up around the table makes it difficult for them to bring someone in who is not like them. The same recruiter admits that because of this, sometimes top-management doesn’t even consider bringing a woman into their clique. When a position opens up, many men typically look at other buddies or old school chums, instead of the competent woman who sits down the hall (Empowering Women).

The glass ceiling is in place, in part, because of sexual discrimination. Though there are laws against the sexual discrimination they are difficult to prove. The practice can be quite subtle or even subconscious. When considering women for top positions, many managers fear that a promoted woman will eventually leave because of family responsibilities. While most women to carry the bulk of the load keeping families intact–the family buck, so to speak, usually does stop with the woman. A majority of women do not feel that this is a legitimate reason for keeping them from reaching the higher echelon in their professions. In a Wall Street Journal Gallop poll, only three percent cited “family responsibilities” as a reason for their failure to climb the corporate ladder. The predominant reasons given were male chauvinism, attitudes toward a female boss, or simply because they were women. In addition, in a Los Angeles Times poll of 12,000 workers, 40 percent cited “being a woman” as the main reason. (Empowering Women).

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