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Mary Parker Follett (1926) was among those who built on the classic framework in scientific management, she introduced many new essentials especially in the field of human relations and organizational structure. In this, she began trends that would be further developed by the rising behavioral and management science schools.

The article deals with the issue of giving orders and the reception by the one who takes orders. The article can be read at two levels, the first and more specific is at business and management level, and the other at a societal level where she tries to make the reader understand that the sequence of giving orders is not as simple as one would imagine.

According to Follett, giving orders does not make the person do the work more satisfactorily, sometimes reasoning is not very effective either. It is a fact that people obey orders if prior habit-patterns are stimulated or new favorable ones are created. Then a very significant point that the author makes is that training is very important to tune someone to take the order, otherwise, the person would not be predisposed to take an order- thin the case of an organization. In the case of an organization, it easier for a junior worker to take an order from a distant superior to an immediate superior. Therefore, in her view giving and receiving of orders should be integrated. An order should, therefore, be designed to unite or to integrate two dissimilar paths of action.

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