GE’s Two Decade Transformation Essay

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When Jack Welch took over GE the country was in recession and the organization was big and cumbersome which was affecting its performance. There was a need to have a leadership that was transformational and entrepreneurial.  The basic strategy followed by Welch was that for General Electric to be a viable entity, diversification was necessary for its survival. As a result, what he proposed was a very drastic measure, to ensure that GE became a leader in the fields it operated. For this, his strategy was to Become first or second in the industry if this was not possible then it was better to close down that particular operation. In 1983 he elaborated this objective into the “three circle concept” this lead to widespread restructuring and downsizing selling of more than 200 businesses and over 370 acquisitions.

Welch’s idea was to be a global player and leader globally, for this he wanted to tap the international market. Secondly, he saw a need to change GE’s culture by transforming the core human resource values of the company. In addition, he wanted a growth which was not only in the right direction but also sustainable. He improved the Service & customer life-cycle-value and focused on product quality which was very important to be competitive with other competitors and also acknowledge the swift development of the internet business and enter into E-Commerce. He followed a four-point strategy where the organization would focus on the following:

  • Focus on employees
  • Focus on quality
  • Change over
  • Focus on market

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