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Gay marriages also referred to as same sex marriages are very much of a controversy in America today. Political, religious and secular views all differ on the topic of gay marriages. The topic is one which is very complex and people are unwilling to compromise as far as same sex marriages are concerned.

Some states of the United States allow gay marriages, for example, California but then there are other states which do not allow same-sex marriages to take place. Gay marriages are seen as a threat against the norm and values of society and these marriages are looked upon as causing distress to people. There are many individuals who are still not willing to accept same-sex marriages and thus are not open to the idea of members of the same sex marrying one another!

Despite what many people have to say regarding this topic, there certainly has been a change in the way society is structured. The structure of society is no longer the same as it was many years ago. This is particularly what is upsetting to most people.

Approving and disapproving same-sex marriages is very much based on certain factors. Younger generations areā€¦

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