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The future prospects of Euro are very positive and encouraging, US Dollar weakness has reinforced the Euro currency. This accordingly has triggered countries worldwide to keep a close watch on the Euro as a probable major currency as strong as the US Dollar.

Thai farmer research center has researched the future of Euro and concluded the following:

  • European Capital Being Repatriated. Turmoil in US capital markets is expected to cause European funds – valued at a minimum of USD500, 000 million per year in US investments — to gradually be repatriated back to their home countries, where it is seen as being safer.
  • Increasing Role of the Euro in the International Reserves of Many Nations.  Use of the Euro as a component of international reserves was quite restricted, initially, because it was only a reference currency.
  • European Economy – Strong And Stable.  The Euro zone economy had grown at a trailing pace to its American counterpart over the past five years. In 2002, European economic growth is projected to stay at 2.2 percent, on average, while the US growth is set to be some 3.5 percent.  However, the European economy is relatively stable, and is less

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