This research paper examines the key functions of management.

1,500 Words (Approx. 6 pages), 5 Sources, APA, 2008.


This research paper examines some of the key functions of management that plays a major role for the success of an organization. Along with other organizational factors, management is an important aspect of any organization as it helps achieve desired results in an effective and efficient way in the long run. The research paper differentiates management and leadership. Furthermore, the author of the research paper defines management and explains how these key management functions help an organization grow and remain competitive.

From the Research Paper

Management refers to the ability to have things done effectively and efficiently through other people to get the best outcome using all the resources availableĀ in an organization (McCrimmon, 2007). Some people believe that there is no difference between leadership and management as they possess the same function of having things done effectively and efficiently. However, the main difference between management and leadership is that leadership promotes new direction to improve and to achieve the desired results while management executes the same old practicing patterns in an efficient way…..

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