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Teaching strategies and circular adaptations:

Teachers have used a variety of strategies to teach students with learning disabilities how to read, write and acquire other skills, both academic and nonacademic. For example, for reading purposes, some teachers use Braille materials exclusively, while others use large print or regular print with or without low-vision aids. Still, other teachers use a combination of materials and technologies, which include Braille, large print, low vision aids and other devices with computer-generated speech.


Educators dealing with visually impaired students should always consider accommodations provided for the students. For example, a visually impaired student often takes longer to read material in Braille or large print and may find it difficult to complete tests imposing time limits. Another accommodation for a student who is visually impaired may include a stable seating arrangement.

Assistive Technology:

In addition to accommodations, visually impaired students should also receive instruction on the latest assistive technology available, such as the use of cassette recordings, recordings that can utilize compressed speech, personal computers with speech output or a Braille display with speech output. Educators should consider and prescribe the use of these devices, methods, and services on an individual basis to supplement Braille instruction for students for whom Braille is the primary reading method, or to supplement print or large print for students using print as their primary reading strategy.

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