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A child is not born a racist, but rather racism is a learned social phenomenon, via family, education, religion, the law, and the media. It is difficult to grow up in society without adopting the worldviews and biases of the society.

  • Perpetuation of Racism
    • The tendency toward adhering to and preferring the values and personal beliefs of one’s own group.
    • The tendency toward associating with individuals or groups that have similar values and beliefs and therefore limiting the amount of interrupt contact and experience from which to draw.
    • The tendency toward categorizing information and using generalized assumptions, which often lead to stereotypes and negative biases.
    • Judging the values and standards of minority group cultures by the values and standards of the majority group culture and labeling the former as inferior (a.k.a. ethnocentrism).

Some Solutions:

  • Individual Level:
    • Individuals holding each other accountable for recognizing and countering racial beliefs and practices.
    • Majority individuals engaging in diversity training and joining minority individuals in grass root efforts to combat racism.
    • Individuals engaging in cross-cultural friendships and relationships.
  • Institutional Level:
    • Minorities’ full participation in the political system.
    • The inclusion of ethnically diverse contributions, values, and perspectives into the educational curriculum and practices.
    • The implementation of laws and strategies that aim to give those who for generations have been and continue to be denied the opportunity of a higher education.
  • Cultural Level:
    • A media system that portrays minorities in a realistic rather than stereotypical and negative light.
    • Celebration, education, and integration of different cultural traditions into society.

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