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Global warming is an important issue for the future of natural resources. Forests, in particular, are prominent in the discussion of solutions to this problem. Illegal logging is another hot-button issue and one that is spreading both here and abroad. This criminal behavior has major implications for the forests of the future. Global warming and illegal logging are clearly international issues. In Latin America, there is extensive logging of the mahogany forests for Additional concerns on the world front include Russian and Chinese forests, as well as forests in Africa.

One example of environmental degradation is the forests of western Siberia. Because of the exploration and production of oil and gas, vast areas of western Siberia are damaged and destroyed by oil and gas leaks from pipelines, pumping stations, and wells. Drill waste disposal and waste pit reclamation are largely unstudied. Forests are destroyed and fragmented by due to pipelines, power transmission lines, and road networks. Large sand and gravel quarries are left in a unvegetated state, scarring the landscape. And in the coal fields of western Siberia, natural forest forming processes are neglected in favor of more expensive and less biologically diverse artificial forest plantations

The depletion of the rainforests and boreal forests of Canada and Russia have had worldwide climatic consequences. What is needed is a coordinated world forestry agency that would study the worldwide effects of such phenomena and put together a worldwide effort to control many of the activities which lead to worldwide depletion of resources.

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