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This particular field research was carried out in the Roosevelt Field Mall located on Long Island. It is the largest mall in the state of New York and a popular shopping spot for both the residents of Long Island and people from New York City. The main focus of this field research is based on this researcher’s observations of people. The purpose of the study is to find out how strangers behaved or reacted to some unusual incident or public display of emotions.  The research question is:

Do people really display civil inattention if something like a public display of emotion occurs?

This paper will try to find out how generally people will behave, then try to discuss this research and analyze the behavioral patterns of people observed based on their gender and race.

Research Methods

Description of Setting

This research was carried out in the Roosevelt Field Mall in Long Island. It is considered to be the biggest mall in the state of New York. It has four major outlets, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, JC Penney and Nordstrom.  The mall has many other shops and a large food court on the second floor. This research was conducted on a Saturday evening when the mall is the busiest with a lot of people from a cross-section of society and different ages coming not just to shop but to just hang-out with friends or to eat at the different restraints. The mall was brightly lit with a very festive atmosphere and people moving about its premises, some people were walking at a leisurely pace observing others, while others seemed in a hurry in a determined mood as they moved with a purpose. The mall though not very crowded was bustling with a lot of energy.  This kind of activity in any mall especially in the Roosevelt is very normal as most of the year this is a popular place for shoppers and tourists alike.

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