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Today, a great deal of debate exists on whether family presence should be permitted during the revival of a loved one in the hospital. Family members of patients who experience life-preserving procedures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) may advantage from being there and see the event. The most prevalent practice across the nation is to not allow family members’ attendance during events such as CPR. Some professionals believe the event is too disturbing for family members and, consequently, it would hamper the performance of doctors and nurses. This paper argues that family presence should be permitted because due to this family members’ concern during the traumatic event may be reduced, it removes doubts about what is occurring to their loved ones, and their presence may help their grief process by being with their loved one during the final moments.

The custom of not including family attendance during life-saving measures has begun to be doubted and disputed. This is indicated by an Emergency Nurses Association resolution passed in 1993 supporting family presence during CPR.(Genusa, 1998) Genusa states,

Family presence policies parallel other trends giving patients and families control over end-of-life care, such as advance directives and hospice care.” .(Genusa, 1998, p.3)

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