This term paper examines the theory of dinosaur extinction in the Cretaceous period.

2,000 Words (Approx. 8 Pages), 6 Sources, APA, 2005.


This term paper examines the extinction theory of dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period 65 million years ago. Over the years dinosaur extinction has been a debatable topic as people have their own perspectives about the extinction theory. From the religious perspective, these arguments are utterly baseless as many religious people argue that Adam and Eve were the very first living beings sent on the Earth by God. The author of the term paper provides arguments related to extinction theory from the religious perspective as well as scientific.

From the Term Paper

Over the years the extinction of dinosaurs is a mystery still to be resolved by scientists. To date, human beings have different theories and perspectives about dinosaur extinction. People still have suspected as how such huge creatures as dinosaurs that ruled on Earth for 200 million years disappeared suddenly (Malmartel, 2005). In fact, according to scientific research, such mass extinction has never taken place in the history of the Earth. There are several theories revolving around the extinction theory of dinosaurs (Krzic, 2003). The most recent development suggests that a huge asteroid hit the planet Earth 65 million years ago that blocked the atmosphere of the Earth resulting in the disappearance of dinosaurs everywhere. The dinosaurs could not adapt to the sudden change in climatic conditions and atmosphere and they died….

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