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There is much violence which exists in our society. There are many institutions in which violence exists as well, one of them being school. School is a very common place for violence to take place as there are times when children do not get along with one another. This results in fighting and bullying which can have negative consequences for the child. School violence is certainly not acceptable by the administration of the school and usually, the school authority tends to take strict action against those students who indulge in the behavior of such sort. One such consequence of school violence is expulsion.

Expulsion can be seen as a disciplinary tool. Many institutions make use of this and it involves not allowing a particular student to attend school. Depending on the severity of the act committed, so is the time period for which the student cannot attend school. Most of the time expulsion tends to be permanent and the student is not allowed back and this is something which goes in his/her permanent record.

A student is generally not expelled for petty reasons; a student is usually expelled for having violated a strict law or code of the school. Many schools in various countries have their own code of conduct which every student must abide by. If he/she fails to do so, the result generally tends to be expulsion. These policies are generally told to the student so that he/she is aware of what acceptable behavior is and what is not. This also gives them an idea of what is expected of them at school.

Some of the basic things which could result in expulsion include stealing, cheating, smoking or making use of illegal drugs on campus, behaving in a racist manner, harassing a student, bringing some sort of weapon to school and maybe even…

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