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Racism is a term which I have frequently heard throughout my life. Living and growing in the Southern region, I got to hear things from the elderly who were supposed to help me build a respectable life for myself and to become a well respected adult myself. Instead of being taught that everyone is equal, I got to hear that being white in color was the right thing whereas someone who was not white would be treated in a different manner. Racism is generally seen as an issue related to a certain race; it is however also link to the religion a person belongs to, the income he/she earns and the social status which he possesses. The racism fight is an ongoing process and has been going on for many years. Many agencies and human right activities have been trying to end the violence which has resulted due to racism.

It was in the 1930’s that Jews had to face the worst form of racism. I have during my political struggle won great amounts of love from people. But when I crossed into Austria, I met the type of love which I had never come across before. This love was faced not from tyrants but from liberators ( This quote by Adolf Hitler is an example of how people viewed racism differently. He describes how the people of one country welcomed him whereas the other was struggling to end mass genocide which had begun due to him. Most racists believe that if people do not belong…

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