Exams are an integral part of high school and college. No matter what high school or college you study in you have a number of exams to complete and prove your professors and teachers that you are making a significant learning in a particular course or subject. Without exams, college and high school teachers will have no means to measure your strengths and weaknesses in terms of learning. High school and college exams are also important to prepare you for the more difficult and complicate future academic exams in higher education. This article provides some apparent differences between college and high school exams and their relevance in the academia. Read the article to learn more.

College Exams are more Difficult

Since college life is a way to prepare an individual for more complicated tasks ahead in life the exams conducted too are of a more practical nature where critical thinking and analyzing skills are judged more strictly. In high school, you may get away with minor mistakes but once you are in college everything becomes a notch higher.

Requires More Hard Work

During high school, you may not get too much reading assignments to prepare for the exam. The criteria for examination may be after completing every chapter in a particular course. Whereas, in college, you may have exams covering a lot of reading material being taught in classrooms. You may have exams twice or thrice a week unlike in high school where you may be tested once or twice in two weeks.

Lengthier Exams

In college your exams may be much lengthier compared to high school. You may need to write a lot with in-depth analysis and more correct answers with almost no room for minor errors. The teachers may have very strict criteria in terms of grading you after each exam.

As you move up the academic ladder you will come across more difficulties which are only good for your future.

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