Examining Various Kinds of Terrorism

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There are many types of terrorism which lawmakers have identified. The types of terrorism are according to the acts which occur and the reason behind which these acts are committed. Basic terrorism is using violence and threat in order to alarm people and put fear in their minds and heart.

There are various activities which constitute as being terrorism. These consist of murdering people, kidnapping them, setting off bombs, hijacking places, committing arson and other types of serious and dangerous crimes. Terrorist groups usually have members in them. The main basis for terrorist activities is to put fear into people’s hearts and to attack those people who stand for what they believe in.

There are various reasons why terrorist acts are committed. One reason could be that a group follows a certain political philosophy. Other terrorist groups might want to achieve liberation for a certain ethnic group. The main way in which terrorist groups work is by eliminating their opposition with the use of violence. This helps in creating fear amongst people; the terrorist group tends to gain popularity and maybe even support in some cases. The various type of terrorism…

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