Is Euthanasia a form of Mercy or Murder: Essay

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Even though much controversy and difference of opinion surround the topic of euthanasia, under specific conditions, people should be given the right to end their lives if they wish. But what exactly is euthanasia? Is it a form of mercy or would it be considered murder? Before any opinion concerning euthanasia can be formed, the terms murder, mercy, and euthanasia need to be understood well.

Mercy is the showing of compassion and forbearance towards an enemy, offender or someone in power. Synonyms of mercy are pity, compassion,  and benevolence (Oxford dictionary).

Murder is considered to be the killing of a person done by committing an act with the intention of wanting to kill or cause pain to someone else. It is a form of manslaughter (Oxford dictionary).

Euthanasia has caused many arguments and discussions to occur. This has been the atmosphere surrounding euthanasia even before the very first case of euthanasia occurred. This is one topic which will continue to exist for a long tome.

Euthanasia is defined as a painless and peaceful form of death, deliberately taking away someone’s life in a painless manner in order to remove suffering from any incurable illness; also known as a form of mercy killing (Oxford dictionary).

It might seem simple to…

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