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There is a variety of definitions of the term euphemism.  A euphemism is an agreeable or pleasant sounding expression that is substituted for an expression that may be offensive or unpleasant.  A euphemism is used as an alternative to an expression that is not preferred.  A euphemism is “the language of evasion”.  A euphemism is a mild or vague substitute for a blunt term or phrase.

One example of a euphemism is the term “global leadership” as it relates to the role of the United States as the world’s only remaining superpower.  Although “leadership” sounds benign, global leadership might be translated in the area of American foreign policy as a willingness of the United States to act unilaterally when it feels it is in its best interest to do so.  Acting unilaterally often includes the use of America’s armed forces to intervene when and where the Administration believes it needs American military strength.

The American military has always been fond of the euphemisms.  An example from the Vietnam era came to the term a  “free fire zone.”  A free fire zone is a region in which everything that moves whether it is a man; woman, child or animal is considered potentially hostile.  In a free fire zone, no soldier would be questioned for firing on any target he perceived as a threat.  In a similar light, the term “pacification” as relates to a….

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