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Decision-making is an important part of organizational management today. In addition, decisions are becoming even more important as each decision has to be evaluated as not only being in line an organization’s strategic goals and morally and ethically correct. According to Wittmer (183), Managers confront ethical situations every day, although seldom are the problems identified for them as ethical or moral ones. It has also been found that the very organizations where the decisions are being made act as threats as a manager try to see business strategies and decisions from an ethical perspective. During the 1960’s and 1970’s the area of business, ethics saw a shift from a stress on individual responsibility to corporate responsibility.

As more and more corporations have come under fire for unethical conduct in the corporate sector interest has been generated that influence a person’s ethical principles, decision making, and actions. Cultural setting plays an important role in the understanding the acceptable ethical decision. Ethical decision making is a procedure that includes a predicament with contradictory factors that are evenly weighted by the manager, but there is no generally established standard for ethical or immoral behavior exists.

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