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After the attacks on the World Trade Center, some people believe it is justifiable to bomb the terrorist who caused mass murder of innocent Americans. Days after the attacks, Thomas L. Friedman made a statement that America should fight back with no rules as seen in the following quote.

“In an article on the op-ed page of the New York Times on Sept. 13 entitled “World War III,” Thomas L. Friedman may have presaged the coming standard: “We have to fight the terrorists as if there were no rules, and preserve our open society as if there were no terrorists.” Leaving aside for the moment whether the second part of Friedman’s assertion can be accomplished if we follow strictly the first, do we want to engage in foreign policy and military action “as if there were no rules” (ethics)?

Within history, this would give the United States the right to attack Iraq and Afghanistan.  But, the just war theory does not allow that to happen even though it was a horrible situation.  As of today due to the Bush Administration’s actions, it is ethical to attack those countries because of the pre-emption theory.

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