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The United States Congress got rid of its welfare reform last October under the ‘Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996.’ This gave way to a period in which welfare citizens are to search for work as part of a condition of benefits (

The welfare system was initially created to give aid to the poor who included men and women and even children. Poor people who could not afford certain things and were in need of medical and financial assistance were helped by the state. However, this system has led to the people taking advantage of the system and becoming dependant on it rather than doing something to improve their situation. The government has now decided to bring changes to the welfare system. The primary objective of the welfare system was to help people get jobs which would end their dependency on the system. This however did not occur. The hope of the government was to make people self sufficient rather than being dependant on the state. The new system which has now been introduced is known as workfare.

People have not approved of the changes which the government has brought about to the welfare system and hence opposition has taken place. Some people believe that by participating in a program which wants people to work may raise problems for kids by bringing more stress to the family or by making the children exposed to…

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