Frustrated because you have been given an essay to write? Usually, when people are assigned to write an essay, they feel that they are in a fix because they don’t know how to write one. Some of the very basic problems that people have are that they don’t know how to start, how to carry the essay further once they have started or they don’t know how to give the essay a good ending.

Well not to worry anymore, this article will take you through a few steps that will guide you about how to write an essay. Just read through this article, follow its easy guidelines and you will be able to write the perfect essay!


Obviously, when you have been assigned to write an essay, there will be a certain topic given to you. The best way to start off with an essay is to do some research on the topic before actually starting to write. Doing research will give you information about the topic which will help you not only to start off well but l also in writing the body of the essay. Through research, you can make your essay not only interesting but also reliable because you have not made up the stuff on your own but actually written facts. However never forget to give the sources from which you have taken up your writing material.

Even if you feel that you know enough about the topic it is always advisable to do research because who knows you might find something you did not know something that can make your essay even better. Keep in mind that research does not mean the internet alone. Books, newspapers, articles and other essays are written on the same topic as yours can be very helpful as well


Once you have done the research and collected material the next step is to analyze. At this stage, you need to sit and go through all the information you have collected from the research. While doing the research you must have taken a lot of material that is not useful to you, this is the time when you analyze what material you need to keep and what to discard. If you include everything that you have taken out your essay will look like a hotchpotch of ideas.

After you have taken out the necessary material from your research, make proper and logical arguments to support your essay. While writing an essay you are either writing in favor of something, against something or giving both the negative and the positive aspects of something. Make your arguments and reasoning are strong and that there are no loopholes in your essay.


The idea of brainstorming is to give your essay originality. Up till now, you have only worked on the research that you have made, now is the time to include your own creativity and thought the process in your essay. While brainstorming you try to come up with your own ideas and opinions about the topic on which you have to write. Obviously, you cannot simply copy paste the material you have collected. This will not only make your essay boring and dull but worst of all will amount to plagiarism. The research that you have made should only play the role of a supporting actor, the main character of your essay should be the idea that you come up with.

Brainstorming cannot usually be done while sitting at one place and thinking, you have to let your thought process go wild so that you are able to come up with a unique idea. Go for walks, listen to music, watch TV, go for swimming, do anything that makes you feel relaxed.

Thesis statement

The thesis statement is your main point on which the whole essay is set. This usually comes at the end of the introductory paragraph. Your thesis statement should be clear; this means that there should be no confusion in the readers’ mind about what your essay is based on after reading the thesis statement. It should concise, long thesis statements will only make your essay appear weak because you might not be able to support all the points you have made in the thesis statement. The thesis statement should also be argumentative, this means that it should be something that someone can argue against otherwise it would just be a clear fact and facts are not arguable.


You have made your research, you have analyzed the research, you have brainstormed and come up with a unique idea and your thesis statement. You are now ready to write down the essay, the whole structure of the essay is in your mind and you know exactly what will follow what. You start writing, but to your dismay, after a while, you realize that you have lost track and are not following the structure at all, you don’t know how to come back on track and your essay is going in a completely different direction from what you intended. For this reason, it is very important to write down an outline for your essay. Outlines are one-liner and bullet points that help you plan the essay, they specify what a particular paragraph will contain. Having an outline in front of you while writing down the essay, will help you remember the structure of your essay.


You can now start writing the essay. The introduction should be such that it immediately grabs the attention of your reader and makes him/her want to read further. It should give an overview of what the essay will be about. It can be said that the introduction is the most important part of the essay because it determines whether the rest of the essay is worth reading or not. Therefore make sure your introduction is creative, interesting and intelligent.


The body of your essay contains paragraphs. All the paragraphs should be unified and at the same time, each paragraph should be based on a different idea. The most important thing is that all the paragraphs should support your thesis statement. Give examples, evidence, and Quotations in the paragraphs, this will make your essay interesting and authentic.


Conclude your essay by giving a quick summary. You can end by writing a memorable sentence, a quotation or your own words that will stay in the readers’ mind for a long time. Keep your conclusion short and interesting.

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