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This further proves that reliance on already intelligence service to make security decision cannot be over looked. Unfortunately, this same information from intelligence services about presence of weapons of mass destruction had been used as the reason for invading Iraq by the United States. In a 92 page report which was posted online, and whose conclusions had been mostly derived from interviews with prisoners of war, a conclusion was arrived at that such WMDs did not exist. Therefore, it is possible that the intelligence agencies had been compromised into giving intelligence reports to the effect that such weapons were available in order to give the political class the needed excuse to attack meaning that the intelligence information can not be relied on fully.

Poor utilization of existing data would have given the truth about the matter had the security agencies not based on the political environment that was in that country at that time (Smith1994 p.57). Killings of innocent Iraqis could not have happened and at the same time, the US would not have lost that much money and lives of some of its soldiers to the war. This is a dangerous trend in the world where intelligence organizations are compromised ending up giving information that could easily lead to unnecessary insecurity.

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