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These policies owned by different governments serve as a source of security information for their governments (Sherman et al. 1998 p. 19). This information is stored and later analyzed to come up with better ways of providing security services. This is called analysis informing policy and is well obtained from the security organs. The intelligence is the authority most furnished with information on various security concerns. Therefore, it will always be advantageous if their findings are used in formulating new strategies (Sheptycki 2004 p. 388). It will be much easier if a security organ is relying on data from prior situations to come up with new methods of dealing with various crimes. This is because the extent at which such crimes whether committed by individuals or organized gangs can be determined and proper guideline to policy formulations drafted.

Well-organized intelligence industry grew in the twentieth century and most states now posses permanent institutions fully committed to it. Sometimes it is possible for the powers, which are the appointing authority to exercise undue influence on the intelligence organizations. For example, after eighteen gruesome months, the top Iraq weapons inspector arrived at the conclusion that after full investigations, Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction at all (Silverman 2006 p. 77).

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