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The MD Choice website is more oriented towards the consumers and provides free information as well as that which can be bought pertaining to medical field and technology. This web directory was also available free of cots to the consumers however the company did charge for subscription to specific centers for medical treatment offers from time to time. The site was very easy to navigate however the quality and relevancy of the information provided on the website was not very accurate or to the point. The information database seemed to be a secondary notion put in place in a superbly set up website. The information available on this website however was incomplete but updated as the time tag for the information read 2007.

The drug index selected for this section was, The website addresses are provides in the reference section. The website provides information pertaining to 24,000 different prescriptions and over the counter drugs as well as natural products which can be used as alternative medicine. The website provides a drug index at no charge. The website provides a member and guest option claiming that membership allows the members to get benefits pertaining to the selective information that they can access. The website has different sections which provide up-to-date and accurate information on drugs and medications, diseases and conditions, pharmaceutical news and articles, pill identification, drug interactions, as well as a medical encyclopedia and a medical dictionary.

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