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The British’s practice of arming the native enemies of Americans; Indians of western fueled the conflict, since they were increasingly hostile strengthened by British support[1]. As a consequence, it was difficult for Americans to defeat the native enemies due to their support from Britain. Therefore to make the Great Britain change its prices, war was necessary to cause tangible pain to Britain, in order for America to gain. Other scholars usually add that desire for expansion was drive for war and conquer on Canada[2]. However this argument is not clear and lacks empirical evidence from various supportive perspectives and position.

However the outstanding issue is the fact that Great Britain leadership failed to stop the war. In the sense that, despite massive protest and demonstrations by the Americans craving for “free trade sand sailor’s rights”, the Britons could not read these building up pressure for freedom and respect for Americans rights. Instead, they intensified from high seas crime to American shows, extending it inland to arming of the Indians. This action and deafness of the Britain officials, justify the American “war hawks” statement that Great Britain crimes were not only confined to the high seas, but also injurious to national pride of the United States of America[3]. Therefore, war was inevitable in an attempt to reclaim this past glory. The follow up events saw war declaration on British on 18th June 1812 when Great Britain was concentrating on Europe Napoleonic war[4]. This led to the invasion of Canada.

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