Essay: Violence in colleges and high school

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Abstract: violence in high schools and colleges has reached an alarming rate and needs to be curbed before it goes any further and more lives are lost.

Throughout the last 10 years, violence which has taken place in colleges and high schools has been on the rise and has affected society as well. The massacre which took place in The Columbine High School in Colorado, the 16 year old teenage boy who was beaten to death in Chicago, the rampage of Virginia Tech and the death of Annie Le, a student of Yale university are all examples of violence in schools and colleges and this should encourage the government officials to bring about a solution to curb these violent behaviors.

It is as though every time the news is read or the television turned on, we hear of some teenager either injured or murdered due to violence which took place in a college or high school. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were two seniors at the Columbine High School in the state of Colorado. They were intelligent men and became friends after having attended Kenyl Middle School together in 1993 (Rosenberg). They…

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