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Vehicles are also noisy and dangerous as they can kill thousands of people lose their lives to vehicles. Moreover, many animals are killed by vehicles.  Gases like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and Chlorofluorocarbons have an insulating effect, when found in large quantities in the air, they increase atmospheric temperatures[1].

They achieve this by allowing sunlight to come in but prevent infrared radiation from leaving the earth[2]. Consequently, they have been known as a greenhouse gases, for this ability. The effects of greenhouse gases are that they reduce the rate of precipitation, thereby causing draughts and famine. Hence they lead in the long run to an increase in desertification. With dramatic changes in atmospheric temperatures, weather and climatic patterns change[3]. This is because the world’s weather system is driven by changes in air pressure, wind and temperatures. Hence places that had low air pressure will often experience high pressure systems. An example of the extreme weather patterns are the El Niño, typhoons, hurricanes like Katrina.

[1] Environment Canada, National Inventory Report: Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks in Canada, 1990-2005, (Ottawa: Greenhouse Gas Division, 2007).

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