Sample Essay

When it comes to saving lives as asserted by Greenberg (2006, p.106) it becomes crucial for law enforcers to think the unthinkable. In most instances, individuals are always against torture but when face with realities like the ones encountered when dealing with terrorists, their mindset is inclined to change. It is in this consideration that Miranda rights need not be read to domestic terrorists as they serve no purpose.

In a scenario where there is a ticking bomb bound to detonate at a particular time and there is a captured terrorist who is aware of this fact and unwilling to provide this information perhaps torture becomes a necessary evil. The lives of many US citizens are definitely prioritized. There exists a gap between human wishes and reality and it becomes crucial to limit this gap by whatever means necessary. While it is unimaginable to have to deny individuals their own constitutional rights, reality is that this act will enhance national security.

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