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Moral Subjectivism equates everything to the mere thinking of the person. In such a case what is deemed right or wrong is dependent on the feeling of the individual involved. For example, it is illegal to kill especially felony murder. But for moral subjectivists, it does not matter whether the law forbids killing what counts is the wish of the person involved. All is left to his/her conscience.

As can be seen, it secludes any idea or impression of moral principles and moral criticism. In such a situation, communities will never settle for an amicable standpoint on moral grounds. It is such a chaotic state of affairs where every person does what s/he feels. Multi-culturality also contributes a great deal in moral relativism. One culture will defend its beliefs and customs notwithstanding the moral defects it has. For example, cases of genital mutilation or female circumcision especially in Africa has been widely condemned by people of moral sense and integrity. However, it continues to be evident in different cultural practices. The concerned communities strongly assert their practice and call for respect and recognition of their culture.

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