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The current study on the eating disorders, identity formation amongst the young women and ethnicity are interlinked with the historical perspective. Therefore theoretical foundation of eating disorders is rooted in the models of identity and ego identity (Orosan, 2005, pp. 327). Therefore this theoretical foundation as a theoretical frame work set for the research of the patients with eating disorders leaves out vital tools that would be useful to add to the reliability of the outcome of researcher.

For instance the vital parts that are not incorporated in the theoretical foundation are the neurological factors, social environmental factors, psychological factors and genetic factors. This left out factors greatly affects the patient’s behavior which may be misperceived to be eating disorder. Therefore on that ground the theoretical foundation is limited to fully give credible results hence the researcher’s outcomes.

To elaborate a bit on the theoretical foundation limitation; Psychological factors such as cognitive biases can influence the development of eating disorders in terms of chronic low self esteem, clinical perfectionism, interpersonal difficulties and mood intolerance which is not factored in the eating disorder studies. While lack of incorporation of Neurobiological factors role in development of the eating disorders gives a limitation. For instance there is a close relationship between Anorexia nervosa development and autoimmune responses to melanocortin peptides that influences person’s appetite response.

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