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The companies included are worldwide leaders such as AT&T, IBM, and Mercedes Benz etc.  the rationale behind having ventured into the international market is the fact that no longer is domestic presence enough to make any organization a worthy player in the international market and especially when given so many local advantages which can be used in order to create a dominant global position. In the case of Tata, that includes the local army of graduates which have allowed Tata to provide Information and Technology consultancy services in areas such as Europe, Middle East, Australia, and Japan etc.

Some of the biggest strategic moves were to venture into different areas of business especially at times when the car industry has become quite competitive and the costs have risen substantially due to the economic crisis and due to Tata’s introduction of products such as the Nano which are more expensive than its competitors. But at the same time, certain products such as the Ace etc have allowed Tata to venture into newer markets. The recent decision to buy steel giant Corus group has aided Tata to securing a market in the EU and the US while its move into the hotel business has also met with success to a great deal.

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