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In a bid to verify if something is morally justified three elements should be considered namely; the thing in itself, the intention and; the circumstance. These three elements are the sources of morality. On the other hand, morality is about good and evil in the light of human acts. This is because morality is a thing that revolves around the world of humans and not animals.

In order to establish whether sweatshops are moral or immoral or amoral it is imperative to understand its meaning and; what it really involves. As mentioned above, it warrants this scrutiny only if it involves human beings, not only that, if it puts their lives in danger or risks or lowers their dignity. Therefore, this study seeks to unravel the meaning of sweatshops industry and analyze it in the context of the Western world. Its moral implications will also be considered. To support the study, the views of Pietra Rivoli on “Labor standards in the Global Economy”; Ian Maitland on “The Great Non-Debate over international sweatshops” and; Denis Arnold on “Philosophical Foundations: Moral Reasoning, Human Rights and Global Labor Practices” will be suitably incorporated. The Labor Theory of Karl Marx will also be considered.

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