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The socio-historical context has a bearing on the general, literal and theological message of the texts. This is because the society set up, linguistic, cultural and traditional practices influence the message framing and intent.

The context of the period or era in the message farming is varied between the two authors (Mark 1991). But the message of this two books aim at the same target which is Jesus Christ but can be varied in terms of the philosophies applied, time, audience and context of the message. In this regard, the Paul presents his message in an essence of the dialectical theology when the gospel was spreading to the gentiles. This is the time the gospel was supposed to be interpretated to suit the gentile’s context of salvation.

Mark’s presentation is original form and only directed to one target group which were Jews.  From then during the apostle era, the gospel was intended to spread to the gentiles (Richard 2007); therefore it had to be interpreted for their proper understanding and incorporation into the salvation plan of God.

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