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These hypotheses are in terms of societal conflicting views. For example some of the views from one segment of the society may include such as does a homosexual exist just as mankind is of the species, Homo sapiens? Is a homosexual orientation intimately intertwined with a person’s true identity as a human being?

By using term homosexual, is one accurately defining a person’s self, his inner core, and the nature of his being? (Adam 2007), from the above premises it then follows that If it is true, then homosexuality may be implied as natural, and that it is essential to their human wholeness. This category of society segment holding to such argument is inherently to regarding homosexuality that one is born a homosexual. This category of ideology in its approach to perceiving and explaining gender and sexuality and in this case homosexuality, advocates for essentialism. The second major group of the individuals that hold views that homosexuality it has only the meaning which is given to it by the society and culture and has become part the society’s culture or construct (Connell and Gorge 2002). Then basing on the second category views of the scholarly society that are proponents of the notion that homosexuality is socially constructed and oppose the argument of inborn are classified as supporters of social constructionism theory in explaining homosexuality occurrence in the society.

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