Sample Essay

Summarily, it can be seen that the Social Security is a necessity to the citizens of any state. The plan can help individuals after retiring or disability. The criticism surround the plan is not meant to demonize all the activities and endeavors of the Social Security but to make it better suited to serve the intended persons.

Criticism will help do away with various biases which try to create a dark image to a potentially helpful tool in the society. Therefore, any defect observed in the system should be analyzed and rigorously criticized so that the refined end product is provided to the ‘end-user’ or the common citizen (Stephen, Tobbie, 1999). Several awareness campaigns have been conducted and the leaders in the regulatory position have all heard it. It is time for action and a solution should be found in order to propel the states forward. Concentrating on a single problem for a long time encourages laziness and laziness is an enemy to development.

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