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Mexico is deeply divided onto social issues which characterized the city. The article evaluates the social related issues which are exceptional to Mexican immigrants in America.   The concept, activities and purpose of mutualista are discussed along with its effect on the lives of Mexican Americans.

The movement of Mexicans to America was increasing but the Mexicans were perceived to be inferior (Pam & Elizabeth, 1989). Mexican children were Americanized though their levels of intelligence were very low compared to native children. They also displayed primitive trait features, beliefs and low standards of living. The immigrants were in need of improved living standards, good housing, personal hygiene, health and nutrition. Specialized studies were established in attempt to get rid of negative assumptions on Mexican immigrants. Relationship between the ethnic group and the

Catholic Church in Texas was evaluated. Readers were enlightened on the historical and religious traditions (Martinez, 2003). Rodolfo Acuna, a Chicano activist contributed to a political will in demands for social, political end financial reforms which justified. The success of editions provided general accounts of Anglo exploitation that led to the decline of   Mexicans status who were residing in the southwest. People from Mexican descent were colonized and subjected to racial discrimination with the mercy of Anglo Americans. After physical invasion, political and economic suppression followed. Americans used violence and voting restrictions such as poll tax to eliminate ethnic participation on politics which included intimidation and system of justice to deprive Chicanos their land. Gender roles and cultural difference between Mexicans and American gave rise to ethnic middle class. Change in economic impacted the social structures of ethnic community. Mexican-Americans were conversant and aware of the prejudices and threats they faced as they strive for their rights as citizens. They had ability to preserve their own culture in the new country which helped them to practice patience.

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