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The society provides a variety of factors that contribute to the situation of unemployment and ultimate alcohol abuse. These factors can be categorized as socio economic factors, social environments, psychosocial environments and physical material conditions.

To begin with, the socio economic factors both directly and indirectly influence alcohol abuse in different ways. Often, Nemtsov (1998) indicates that the children that live in deprivation are faced with limited chances for employment in future. He explains that it is because they are more likely to miss chances for education and training than their counterparts. In addition, the persons with limited resources have relatively limited social services at their disposal and therefore, they often resort to alcoholism as a coping strategy. Studies undertaken by WHO (1995) confirmed that there exists a positive relationship between education and the abuse of alcohol. It is certain that the poor are likely to be depended on alcohol and develop psychiatric problems whereas the rich simply abuse it but hardly depend on it.

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