Essay: The secret behind the success of Tesco

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However to be effective player in this new environment Tesco have to be more flexible dynamic and to master a wide variety of skills, and the strategy of success should move around the interdependent layers of organisational capabilities which will reinforce each other across all the businesses, functions and markets.

The secrecy behind such success of Tesco implies to develop the people who can act from a global perspective, process, a global mind and skill. In this juncture everyone will agree that globalisation process has brought a radical transformation in the role and tools of human resource management within Tesco too. So the priority is given to the people specially HR professionals in Tesco to cope with the changed environment. They are to integrate the various functions in formulation of business strategy. Brewster and Larsen (1992) defined the concept of development as “the degree to which HRM practices involve and give responsibility to line managers rather than personnel specialists”. So in new scenario the scope of HRM is extended from HR professional to each line managers. Since the organisation development as a whole and Human Resource Development, act as two sides of a coin.

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