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Due to the seclusion in many social events and leisure activities owing to the invincible color line, the African Americans joined hands to form their own events. Of particular note, is the Negro National league founded in 1918 in an attempt to include the minority population of the time[1].

Lawsuits challenging the status quo were a responsive measure for the blacks against the color line. The enactment of Racial Integrity Act was passed to ensure that there were no inter marriages between the whites and non – whites to maintain the “white purity” The law was challenged although there were no conclusive ruling on the issue[2].

Finally, protests against the violent attacks orchestrated by the Ku Klux among other white supremacists groups. Many African Americans lost lives which sparked immense protests[3].

Essentially, color line was implicitly resisted by the African Americans although the results yielded by these strategies were insignificant until late into the twentieth century.

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