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Rockliff (2011), states that some individual Christians were persecuted for other reasons but faith was used as the scapegoat. This means that some personal or general brutalities could be projected in form of discrimination against Christian faith.

The Roman leaders, however, ordered persecutions on matters to do with authority. Christians refused to make sacrifices to the pagan gods or to pay allegiance to Caeser who was seen as a divine monarch. This was seen as treason and was punishable by death. To test the Christian faith, the individual was required to declare Caesar’s authority and offer incense to the pagan gods. Declining to do this was meant death by torching, crucifixion or being devoured by a beast. Lastly, the Christians were accused of committing incest and cannibalism. This, however, was a wrong ground for persecution since it emanated from misjudging the Christian rituals such as the agape and the Eucharist (Rockliff, 2011).

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